Valeria bear Prigogine child

Valeria bear Prigogine childMadonna Russian pop, popular singer Valeria decided to have her husband, producer Iosif Prigozhin child, after a failed adoption."To give birth? Here we are already thinking about this. But I think if you take a child from the orphanage - ed.) there is still a high point," said 41-year-old Valeria in an interview with channel "1 1".Six months ago, Valeria raising with Joseph Prigozhin his three children from his first marriage, wanted to adopt a child."You know how it is: you see the child, and that it inspires some feeling that this baby can you love.Suddenly wakes up in the shower something special. So twice was, we wanted to take the child," the singer shared.The first child they were able to adopt, because it was non-free, legally. But with a second child was not a very good story in the orphanage."We gave a lot of: computers, laptops, and IPods" children. Shortly after the visit, we don't e-mail came a letter: do not think that everything is so beautiful, that all is not well and good. Your gifts pilfered home and so on.And begins some strange communication with the Director of this house, They began to Express resentment, then they sent photos of all the kids with computers and IPods" at the same time. Читать полностью -->

Memoirs of Sarah Palin has set a sales record

Memoirs of Sarah Palin has set a sales recordThe book of the former Governor of Alaska and former candidate for Vice-President of the U.S. Sarah Palin Going Rogue: An American Life has set a sales record, according to Associated Press.According to publisher HarperCollins, published the book, Palin, on the first day after admission to the sale Going Rogue: An American Life sold in the amount of 300 thousand copies. Taking into account the increased interest in Palin memoir, publishing house HarperCollins has decided to increase the circulation of books from 1.5 to 2.5 million copies.Going Rogue: An American Life Sarah Palin number sold in the first day of the instances reviewed the memoirs of Hillary Clinton - former first lady, holding currently the position of Secretary of state. The book Living History (Living history) Hillary Clinton, published in 2003, the first day was sold in the amount of 200 thousand copies. The autobiography of bill Clinton's My Life ("My life"), published in 2004, the first day of sales has sold over 400 thousand copies.The fee Palin for Going Rogue: An American Life, according to unconfirmed reports, was about $ 1.25 million.Sarah Palin in 2006 became the first woman to assume the post of Governor of Alaska. In 2008, Palin became a candidate for Vice President of the United States from the Republican party. Читать полностью -->

Patrick Swayze cremated

Patrick Swayze crematedThe day after the death of Patrick Swayze reported that the actor was cremated.Radar Online reports that his ashes be scattered at Swayze ranch in new Mexico. Ranch called Rancho de Dias Alegres, which can be translated as "Happy days" until his death was a favourite seat of the actor.Patrick Swayze died on September 14 on the 57th year of life, after a long illness of cancer of the pancreas. Source: Patrick Swayze cremated. . . . Читать полностью -->

Anna Samokhina will be buried at the Smolensk cemetery

Anna Samokhina will be buried at the Smolensk cemeteryOn the night of 8 February, in the hospice of St. Petersburg died actress Anna Samokhina. She was 47 years old. Colleagues of Anna mourn this loss, and report on actress with great warmth.Debut role in a movie for the actress was the role of Mercedes in the film "the Prisoner of If castle (1988) George jungvald-Khilkevich. "You know, Anya can't speak quietly, barely restraining himself admitted the Director. - She's just amazing. Читать полностью -->

Yulia Volkova take daughter

Yulia Volkova take daughterThe father of 5-year-old daughter of the infamous star forbids to take the girl to the States for permanent residence.Dreams notorious soloist of the group "Tatu" Yulya Volkova carefree life with her family in the United States crashed on high barriers built by the father of her eldest daughter. Pavel Sidorov fears that he will lose the opportunity to see his child, and prohibits export it outside the country.To find accommodation in the USA soloist of the controversial duet "Tatu" Yulya Volkova started last spring. She decided to permanently settle in the New world, where, in her opinion, a safer and better place to raise children because we adapted.In America it is better to make music. All the leading musicians and producers live in the States, and fly thither personally I was so sick, - told Life News 24-year-old Julia. - In addition, here year round summer. I can't live without the sun. Читать полностью -->

`Master of fear` were snapped up within an hour

`Master of fear` were snapped up within an hourAdoptive dad "Marousi", a science fiction writer Sergey Volkov looked at the time of birth of the great Mongol Empire to uncover the mystery of her legendary commander.On the evening of March 17 in Moscow bookstore "Biblio-Globus" the writer was personally introduced to the readers of the first novel from the series "Genghis Khan" - the sixth book of the project "Ethnogenesis".The novel under the title "Master of fear" sold out this evening before the store closed, and those who missed the presentation, in a literal sense had to face the fact of shortage of goods. Interest in the book is largely heated by the popularity of "Ethnogenesis" in General: since the release of the first product within the literary series is a little more than half a year, but in this short time the project has managed not only to gain an army of loyal fans, but also to gain top rankings in sales. With the release of "Billionaire", the fifth book, the total circulation of "Ethnogenesis" exceeded half a million copies.In "Genghis Khan" the reader opens a whole new world. Artem Novikov, the protagonist of the novel, in 1979, received an inheritance from a distant relative locked in the casket, and its contents breaks down his life. Silver figurine, recovered from the bottom of the casket, forcing the young man to break up with loved ones and go into the Inferno of Afghanistan. The culprit of this change from the past, whose dormant power awakens Artem. Читать полностью -->

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